Asana Rebel: Yoga and Fitness App Reviews

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Great with minor video play glitches

Loved the work out. Hoping they will fix the video glitches soon so the workout will continuously play.

Needs a better way to combine sets

The UI on combining sets could be a lot smoother. The algorithm recommends two workouts per day, but doesn’t flow from one to the other. Would be nice to be able to program ahead of time what sequence of workouts you want, without having to hope the “1 or 2” option at the end of a workout magically has the next one you want. App only allows you to rate a workout (to easy / just right / too hard) after completion, so if you cancel out of something early because it’s too easy (or too hard), there’s no way to tell the app to improve their recommendation system. Over the course of a year, probably worth $60, but seems like some (seemingly) easy fixes to app design would improve usability.

Making money seems to be their priority

I downloaded the app with the purpose of learning Yoga. There’s always technical issues that don’t seems to get solved. They also use false advertisement stating that it’s only 5.99, but they end up charging you a full year subscription. Beware of that and get another app that values their costumers rather than tricking them about the payments. I sent an email about it, but they never responded! I wish I never got this app.


I’m not sure if it’s the update but the subscription portion of it does not work!!! Stay away from it it’ll just take your money. There was even suppose to be a free 7 day trial section and that doesn’t work either. The App just asks for you to pay for a year continuously and when you do it it just continues to take money but won’t give you access to the videos STAY AWAY!!!

I don’t like the newer updates

I really miss being able to search through the free sessions so I can do more than one a day. The way the app use to be was perfect for me.

Extremely useful

Want to repeat


I can't open the app! I have an account and I was charged $65 for full access and i can't even open the app and login. This is ridiculous

Love this Yoga App

Love this App- it has encouraged and enabled me to do yoga wherever I am- no matter how much the me I have!

What happened?

I got rid of my phone for a while, came back and workouts are waaay too speedy. Before I even understand what movement I need to make it's on to the next one, rapidly. I'm no yoga guru, no clue what I am doing yet and boy did I almost tweak my recovering ankle injury trying to keep up with what was supposed to be a relaxing yoga session. Liked it better before with the warmup preview-like stuff in the videos.

Great yoga at home🧘‍♀️

When you don’t want to waste another 40 minutes driving to and from a yoga class- this is the best option. I have subscribed to yoga classes in my tv and the problem is you have to be in front of your tv. This mobile app is great. The instructions are clear and visually perfect. There’s no time wasted on consult your doctor nonsense before each workout. I LOVE THIS WORKOUT. I will do it daily because it’s so easy to use and access!!! Thank you ASANA🧘‍♀️⭐️🤩


I paid for the year subscription which ends June of 2019 $58.99. Now I don’t have access. If I can’t get access give me my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not good anymore

This app used to be great. Now it freezes all the time... that wouldn’t be a problem except there’s no way to scroll through the video to get the point where it froze. This is very frustrating and I’m considering asking for my money back and giving it to a better app.

Refund me!

Same issues as jen1500. Don’t even use due to all the issues and inability to access workouts. Would like money refunded!

Fix the bugs

About 6 months ago, I gave this app 5 stars. Now, they get 3, because the app ALWAYS freezes even on the updated version. It's super annoying to have start over when you are in the middle of the workout. You had a fantastic feature in the old version that allowed to skip or go back to a previous asana, now it's just the Prep, workout, and a cooldown. Whose "brilliant" idea was it to separate it that way and then have consistent bugs and problems with the app freezing all the time? I also loved the old feature of having particular workout for particular goal. Now, whichever plan I open it has almost the same workouts (I've gone through 4 plans now and pretty much know every workout). It gets boring and I still have 6 months to go. Not cool guys

I love this app!

I have been using this app for a few years now, I absolutely love it and I’m in the best shape of my life. I started doing yoga with this app . Now , yoga is a part of my everyday routine in the morning. I recommend this app to everyone!

This app has changed me

I don’t have any yoga or fitness studios where I live and this app has made yoga accessible. I love how simple the exercises are but they still kick your butt. I love that it is low impact and I love the voice of the narrator so soothing and encouraging. I love that there is only one person doing the workout because with some apps it can be distracting to have more than one person and all their variations. My favorite is that Savasana is incorporated as most other apps don’t have that. I haven’t had any of the glitch problems that others report but I also have Very high speed internet. I love that the poses don’t rely on you knowing the specific names (or Sanskrit) like some teachers use for each pose as you can easily follow along. I feel so strong after completing a workout. I’ve even shed a few pounds. Good luck I can’t wait to see what other features are added. It would be nice to Google Cast it but I find that since the workouts are simple and hold the poses for a long time it is very easy to follow along by just audio and it would be nice if the second added workouts were incorporated into the green dots or the apple health but I can always do it manually. I love that I can take this with me when I travel and workout. I think it is totally worth the price— I would be paying so much more for a yoga studio and I get the same benefits in the comfort of my home and can do it by candle light or outdoors etc all in 25-35 minutes.

I used to love this app

I used to use this app everyday but as soon as the format changed I didn’t like it I like to see people’s success story’s and heathy foods I was learning a lot actually until the format changed what happened to this app please fix and I will use fully again thanks for reading this to the end random person


Asana Rebel is super amazing- even the 5 minute work outs are so helpful!


Unless you are looking to spend a good amount of money on the app don’t bother. They push and push for money.


Great but I don’t want to pay with all the YouTube and classes out there

No free lunches

This app’s free version is worthless. If you don’t intend to pay, don’t bother downloading it.


Great workouts and nice pace. App needs a rewind option.

Not worth the money

Workouts are mundane short not better than free YouTube videos.


Instead of paying $80 a month for yoga classes, this app is a cheap, ingenious alternative. Do as much yoga as you like from the comfort of your home! What more could you want!?

Excellent app for any level of experience

I really enjoy this app. I have used it for almost a year. I was a bit confused and concerned with the last upgrade, when the “plans” were removed, but have found a method to still make it work for my needs. I enjoy the new practitioners as well as workouts that came with the app upgrade. I especially like that there are now male practitioners because it helps show how yoga can help everyone improve their flexibility and strength, regardless of body type. I also like the three-level scale provided on each workout. It helps me choose which one I’d like to complete depending on how much time I have and how I feel that day I would like the “plans” to be added back to the app if possible. I did like the 6-week fat burn, lean body, etc. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to become stronger, leaner, more flexible, improve balance, and just over-all feel better in their body. It is a helpful and calming workout.

Needs more variety

I have used this app for almost two years now. With the new changes it seems like the different workout plans just shuffle through the same yoga sequences. There needs to be more variety. There used to be when the coaching cycles were available. Now I’m starting to get bored and may end up just looking for a new app.

only one free workout

i like this app, but so far i have only found one free workout. i think it would be better if there was more than one workout you could use without payment

I loved this for the first month

I loved this app but then they updated it and now I have paid for a years subscription for an app I never use due to glitches and freezing every workout. I purchased it so that I could practice yoga in 30 mins from home I stead of going to the studio for an hour session and also burning the drive time. Now I spend at least and extra 30 min waiting for it to load or uninstalling and reinstalling it. Plus they removed the coaching feature.

Reviewing workout

Didn’t actually do workout but a check mark on calendar... can I get that off of calendar and can I review others workouts ?

Love this app!

Asana Rebel is my favorite way to practice yoga! There are so many different workouts to choose from with different difficulty levels so you’re sure to find what’s right for you.

Great app


Short workouts are surprisingly challenging

I walk 2-3 times a week, hike mountains a few times a month and ride a horse 4-5 times a week. So those combined activities give me good exercise and keep my weight at a good level. Over the last few years , I have really noticed my core strength declining along with overall strength declines. The 5 minute espresso workouts have been great because I will actually do them really quick.

Perfect start for the day

Not too intense just the right amount of stretching and cardio. In need of back relief when I wake up in the morning, a few of the positions felt really great with my back issues. Would love a workout all focused on stretching the spine from neck to tailbone. When you work on your feet for a living it takes a toll on your back and hips.

Having problems

I can get my subscription to work on my iPad but it won’t come through on my Apple TV. Have submitted a request for help.

My first yoga app

I like that it lets you quickly access a 5 minute yoga video. I thought the girl moved a little too fast and I wasn’t sure if my positions were correct

One start left behind cause of the music

Workouts are amazing I wish you can change the set music

Thank you

Very out of shape. Cannot say enjoyed it. Can say I hope to come back daily. This is what I need.

Used to love this

Before the most recent “upgrade” I loved this app! I really liked the coach feature which has now gone away, it was nice to have a program set for me as I’m still pretty new to yoga. It’s such a shame. I’ll probably look for a different yoga app that meets my needs better, but if you like to be free to do what you want with your work outs then this will probably be great for you.

Almost nothing to preview

There should be a one week trial or at least have more than one free 5 minute video to help people evaluate if they want to subscribe or not.

Back Into It

I have not done any type of workout in some time. I needed to get back into something. This short workout is perfect for when I just wake up to get my body loose and my blood flowing.

Like but need more diversity

Hi! Really enjoying the app but after using it for a while it does get boring. I think it needs more diversity and also longer actual workouts as I am not really getting a good cardio workout. Thanks! (Maybe shorten the warm up and cool downs?)

Very deceiving payment

When I open the app, it asked me for my personal information and weight and height as expected. Then it took me to a screen with two options. One was for a monthly payment of $4.88 which was $59 for the year (about this much, I’m not sure the exact numbers). There was an option also to pay quarterly but it was like $33. That is why the first option said there was a certain percentage discount. Then when I got to the final screen it talked about how easy it is to cancel by going to settings. But when I got the bill, they billed me in full for the entire year. When I signed up I thought I could try it for a month and then cancel if I did not like it. Five dollars a month is reasonable. That way if I don’t use it, I can cancel before the next month. I actually loved the first workout though it was a bit too difficult for me but I would like to keep going. However I’m so frustrated at their deceitful way of billing that I’m going to cancel and get my money back.

App is free, but you have to pay to use it?!?

Got the free app, but after putting my personal info into it, not a single workout is available unless you pay a membership fee to unlock it! Gimmick.

The best yoga app

This is the best yoga app i have ever practice


Do not buy this app. “Yoga” moves are disjointed, lacking any kind of homogeneity, leaving the practitioner to wonder if the app creators simply googled “yoga moves”, and tossed them all together in random fashion. Aside from the practices being poorly designed, the music is grating and never varies - it’s the same with every exercise. Little thought is given to modifications. Avoid.

Love this app.

Omg this app as helped me so much and has taught me a lot.


Classes are way too short to get in a real stretch. They should include 45 and 60 min classes. Even a full 30 mins are hard to come by. The pricing options are also annoying - no free trial, you either pay straight up for 3 months or the year. I bet they’re missing out on a lot of customers because of this. I would still use this app over others though because the actual quality of the instructors is great. Unlike some other apps they don’t go overboard with the sighing triply “meditation” voice. Clear instruction, good background music and nice videos to follow.

Where did the easy coaching go?

I also loved this app for picking a program and the days and getting them done when I was scheduled. The app the past 3 months has changed and the format is ok but I miss the old coaching style better.

Great customer service and videos

I was hesitant to purchase this app when I’d been let down by classes and videos in the past. It’s hard to find something that flows and doesn’t have you sitting one second and back on your feet the next. But, as I watched a friend share her daily progress I decided to do it. Unfortunately when I installed the app it wouldn’t play videos. When I contacted customer service Lisa responded to me within 24 hours and set up my own Vimeo page so I could follow their workouts while they resolved the problems. She was very helpful and responsive and the selection they provided was more than I expected. I’m happy to report that they fixed whatever the problem was and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the app now. The videos and selection are amazing and I’m looking forward to challenging myself! I would highly recommend this Asana Rebel!


I use to love this app. But with all their changes, I have a lot issues with it loading and I don't like how they took the different programs off. It's not worth paying, so don't get it.

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