Asana Rebel: Yoga and Fitness App Reviews

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Too basic, not well made

The workouts are really short...most under 15 minutes and many only five minutes. And on top of being short they include warm ups and warm the actual workouts are very short. The longest workouts are around 20 minutes (including warmup / warm down). They don’t have any 45 or 60 minute videos. The workouts themselves are very easy...they only have four high intensity workouts to choose from. Most are five minute stretching routines with very mild strength building included. Who works out for five minutes? The app itself is very basic and not well built. For instance, you can’t fast forward or rewind...seriously. But if you touch the screen it jumps all the way back to the beginning of the workout. All of this is probably why they don’t offer a free trial... It’s not worth the very high price tag...

Was once in love

I used to rave about this app to EVERYONE I know, now... not at all. The last 6 months with this app had been difficult to say the least. There have been a lot of technical and development issues, aka having to restart the app EVERYDAY bc it would freeze, workouts “disappearing” and many more. The most disappointing thing about this app now is that the “coach” feature is gone. THE REASON I had purchased this app. I wanted to pick a goal style program aka “fat burn” or “Bikini body” and just have to open up my app and click the days workout because it was a 4-6 week guided program. I enjoy yoga but i don’t have a degree or certification in the best way to go about my program, that’s why I purchased the app and now that feature is GONE. Asana claims that they changed the formatting so people could be “free and flexible” with their work out, that’s fine and dandy for those people, but what about us over here who do not want it that way?! Why does it have to be one OR the other? Why can’t you integrate both old and new programs into one app? “Coaches programs” AND being able to be “free and flexible” with doing all of your own choosing? All in all this was once a great app so that’s why I didn’t go below a 3, but I am just so disappointed with the changes they made and I of course have the 1 year subscribe, soo. The changes they’ve made do not make working out easier, now it takes a pep talk to get myself motivated, when I used to be excited

The workout plans

I used to love this app but the latest major update really upsets me, I pay for the app to have extra workouts and a workout plan and you took that away as of the last major update. I really enjoyed having a set workout every day, not having to go search for a new one. If I hadn’t already paid for a full year I would delete the app.

Love love love

If you are a yogi or new to the practice this is an amazing app for everyone. It assists you in meeting your fitness goals whether they are strength, weight loss or flexibility. I personally got it when my gym membership was up and I had not found a new gym. But I am not looking for a new gym! I have one right on my yoga mat!


Yoga is supposed to have a smooth flowing movement to it. This is more like aerobics. It jumps from pose to pose without giving you an opportunity to settle in and explore the boundaries of your bodies flexibility.

Smile R.C.

Perfect for my busy life

My body feels better

Overall these are easy to follow and a nice combination to choose from. Lots of options! I’ve noticed a difference in lower back pain. The more yoga I do, the better I feel. There are just a few tweaks I would do to make it a bit more user friendly for beginners. Like a ‘for beginners’ video that walks you through most of the basic poses. I knew nothing starting out and had to pause and look at my phone a lot or google to make sure I was doing it correctly. A rewind feature would be nice as well for beginners like myself because they move pretty quickly. Other than those suggestions this is a great app.

I feel like a different person

My body is so much stronger since starting Asana rebel. There are so many workouts to choose from and 25 minutes a day can literally change your life. I used to spend tons of money for power yoga classes and now I don’t need to leave my house. This is really one of the best yoga apps out there.

Some bumps with the app, but amazing workouts.

The app has had some ups and downs, but overall getting better and better. The workouts are great! A perfect mix of yoga to rest your mind, and strength training to kick up your heart rate. Would love to see work outs in history he clickable to do that workout again.


I enjoy your individual workouts . But , I liked the app when I signed up for the subscription few months ago when I could sign up for a program. I’m sure that was a feature people liked . Idk why that feature would be taken out . Also it’s not helpful how all your update descriptions are the same

Coach workouts

What happened to the coach workouts??

Great home practice

I truly enjoy Asana rebel. I love the diversity of programs and daily practices. The instruction is well done and guides you through a peaceful and well focused practice. After a session, I feel energized and centered, ready for what my busy day may bring.

Great for simple yoga sessions.

Two things: I wish you had more options for workouts with your male instructor (why are these in their own separate section?) and I would love a few more longer and more challenging workouts. Otherwise playing these on my phone and mirroring to my tv in our workout room is an awesome morning workout.

Perfect workouts

Great workout! I simply love do it everyday!

Cargo sin autorización

Es un abuso. Yo no autorizo el cargo por Asana Rebel. Estaba en período de prueba y no lo quiero.

Miss the old ones

I like the new workouts, although a lot of them go too fast. I wish you still had the old ones available as well

Why do I have to pay now!!??

I hate that I have to pay to get the longer workouts. Wish it was like it used to be where you can do the workouts daily and it cycles through. first

When I first got this app I loved it!!! I loved the 2 free workouts a day!! The exercises were fun and entertaining, maybe a little fast but overall great. Things started going wrong when they took away voice over accessibility with an update. I couldn’t use it anymore. Itd take me to the end of a workout and when it got to the “buy now page”I couldn’t get out of it. Then I downloaded it again just to see if the issue had been hasn’t by the way! When I downloaded it again I noticed you only got one free 5 minute work out a day and everything else you had to pay for. This app used to be great, now they’re just money hungry. I’ll go to YouTube and find “yoga inspired fitness” thanks.

Truly great

This app is wonderful. As someone who lives a very busy lifestyle and rarely has time to go to the gym or yoga studio, this app gives me the option to get/stay in shape in a short amount of well-structured time. With varying workouts, different focuses, and levels in difficulty, this gives me options as to how I want to spend my 20 minutes of exercise each day. A wonderful app for someone trying to stay in/get in shape in quick spurts of time.

I used to love this app but not anymore

You used to be able to access smaller workouts for free but now you can’t access anything unless you sign up for one of their pricey subscriptions. I don’t mind having to watch ads I just want to be able to relax and I really liked this platform for my yoga and now I can’t even use the app because I can’t afford it.


Definitely not what I expected.

Nice but glitchy

The hard poses that are shown in the intros to the workouts are not in the workouts themselves. In fact, I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Where are they? More frustrating, if you tack on an extra workout to the first workout, there is a good chance it won’t register with Apple’s activity app. After tacking on another 30 minute workout... you want credit for that bad boy!

Not Free

I downloaded this “free” app intending to try it out and purchase the full version if I liked it. Spent 15 minutes looking for the free workouts on the app. Finally realized there are no free workouts! Yes, the app is free, but is useless unless you subscribe. Should not be advertised as free - very deceptive marketing. You could have the best yoga app out there and I would still not deal with you because of this deception - not ethical.

Good workouts but clunky app

The workouts are generally fine, but can be hard to see on a phone while working out. Some instructors give better verbal cues than others. Would be easier on a tablet, but they only support android and Apple, not a Microsoft surface. Within the app the workouts have limited functionality to speed up or go back, which is a real hassle if you accidentally cancel a workout while moving your phone in the middle of the workout in order to see better. Finally, they should make it easier to give feedback within the app.

Great app, when it works

I spend more time trying to figure out why the workout videos aren’t playing when I press the play button than actually doing any workouts. Worked perfectly fine before the new version— can’t remember when it came out. It was a great supplement to regular yoga practice, but not if you haven’t done yoga before. You need to know proper alignment and breathing first. It’s too bad they broke something that didn’t need fixing.

Great workouts but the process is frustrating

I like the workouts a lot. I sweat. I’m losing fat and I’m getting stronger. But the process of getting an hours workout is frustrating. Each workout is 10 minutes plus warm up and cool down. I want 45 minutes of workout with one warmup and one cool down. So I can “add a workout” before the cool down starts and the app does the right thing (skips cool down and the next warmup). But what it doesn’t do well is report to my Apple activity. When I “add a workout”, and I finish doing 50-60 minutes, the app only reports one workout of 21-29 minutes (the typical warmup+workout+cool down), not the entire time I worked out. So to calculate the workout correctly on my phone, I have to skip through the cool down and skip sivasana and skip the next warmup. It’s too much downtime between workouts. And when I do that, it actually adds too much one because even though I skipped 10-15 minutes, the “whole workout” is considered to be 21-29 minutes (not just the additional 10 I actually worked out in the second and third sets). I would really like to build my own workouts. Also, fining workouts I’ve done before is clunky and you can’t click to start them from the list, you can get the name and then scroll to find it in another area. Also no search feature. Also I can’t figure out how to see previous month’s workouts.


Great variety and instruction. Excellent video and audio quality too.


Don’t make the mistake of ordering the annual subscription to save a few bucks and then realize the content is not for you. The app clearly states no refunds but then says to direct such requests to Apple. Well, wasted my time doing that and was denied a prorated refund as well. Out $60 for content I can’t use. Crap policy on both counts. This experience will definitely impact how I spend my $$$ in the App Store from now on so congratulations.

Not as expected

Ekkk.. I hate leaving bad reviews but I hope this is helpful to future buyers and for the brand. 1. you can not stream these workouts to a tv 😖. You have to watch on a tiny phone screen. I thought this would of been a given granted all of the other workout apps offer this. ( daily burn, beach body, ect. ) 2. The workouts are not very challenging. You don’t hold poses long enough for them to have any benefits of stretching or strength. If your are looking for a (very) mild cardio workout then these workouts are for you. 3. So many glitches. I have an Apple Watch and the app does not work with it even though they say it does. The app won’t close out after the workout is done. It keeps popping up and calculates that I do 12 hours of yoga a day. I had to delete the app off my watch. The concept is nice tho.

Click bait?

I installed from an ad that says it was free. Created an account. So far, every video I’ve tried to watch prompts me to start a paid account to even see it. You do realize there are millions of free yoga videos on YouTube....? Deleting.

Awesome app

This app is really awesome.

This app needs a free trial

Sorry but in a time when there are dozens of apps to choose from with a lot of risk for the customer I think there needs to be a free trial period. I can’t possibly spend this much on something, have a renewing subscription going on, without even getting to try it first. Even a gym will give you a tour and like a pass for a day or two. With this you get to see literally nothing of the pop or it’s intents or try anything without paying 40-60$. So basically you want the customer to trust and buy your product sight unseen. You may have the best workouts in the world but if I can’t even take a peek inside, take the app for a test drive, then it’s a no from me. That’s unfair to the customer.


I love this app! I have never been an “exercise class person” or a yoga person. This has allowed me to learn yoga in the privacy of my own home and practice whenever I want. I’m hooked. I can move better, I have more flexibility, less aches and pains and I went to my first yoga class yesterday and felt like part of the group because I knew what I was doing. I had a physical yesterday and I’m a half inch taller. 😳💪🏻. Swear to god. Thank you Asana Rebel! Amanda

Never thought I’d become a Yogi!

I absolutely adore this app. I’ve been with them for awhile now and I am SO much more flexible, relaxed and toned than I was. I’m a mom of 2 young, busy boys and I work full time and I always find something on the app that suits my time and needs. Keep up the good work!


Finally got me doing yoga every day (mostly)! So much cheaper and more convenient than a studio membership, and I love how you can tailor the workouts to suit you by sort of building them onto each other. Really great instructors, too!

Perfect for all levels

Instructors are very good and easy to follow along with. I have never had any glitch issues. It’s great for beginners, intermediate or experts. Love it, so many different options for workouts.

Nothing is free

I used to love this app for yoga, but now I try to do some yoga and it always says “get everything” I’ve only found one workout that I can do but most of the time I just want something to relax me and everyone I find cost money. I’m done with this app.

Very disappointed

I was really excited to get this app and become more fit. But you have to buy everything. The only thing that is free is the sign up. I’m sure it’s a great app but I don’t want to buy everything

Worst app ever

Like the other review I had only wanted to use app for short time. I was billed $63.00 and the app keeps telling me to UNLOCK and will not play unless I pay again. I have a one year subscription.((

Great Daily App

I love the variety of workouts, especially between long and short workouts. And I appreciate the ability to add another routine before ending. However, the app freezes from time to time.

So bad

Why do I have to pay a monthly subscription for this crap? Why don’t you at least have a pay once for life option?? This app use to be good but now it’s just greedy and not worth the money.

Becoming an Asana Rebel is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!

I absolutely love my Asana Rebel app. The fitness programs allow me to stay on track despite a busy schedule as a mom of two little boys. It’s so easy to squeeze in a fun and rewarding daily yoga practice for your level and your mood. If you want strength training, they have it; flexibility training, that too; more mindfulness, no problem. It’s fantastic. You’re going to love it. Namaste.

Not free

I was led to believe there were some workouts I could access for free; however, that was not the case. Very disappointing! I do not want pay until I’ve had an opportunity to try it out.

Asana Rebel

Outstanding. With my phone telling me to work out and do yoga it makes me actually do it more!


This app works maybe 1 in 10 times you use it. For what it cost they should be ashamed of themselves.


At my age and suffering with joint pain especially knees it was difficult for me


Add the coach part back in

Good workouts app difficulties

I bought a years worth of Asana Rebel because I enjoy the workouts. Now that I am using it more consistently, I have found that the app has glitches pretty often. I have always been able to get it working but sometimes when I haven’t had the time to mess with it, I just did my own workout.

Not intense enough

Even with recent updates, there still aren’t enough high intensity workouts. Also, its weird that the highest intensity workouts are in the yoga for men section. I’m a woman who’s not in the best shape and those workouts aren’t that hard for me.

So disappointed

So disappointed in this app. Yes, the app is free - but the programs are not. I have an issue with the misleading nature of the setup and could never endorse any application that begins with deceit

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